Patient Services

We offer a variety of services and wellness classes to compliment our physical therapy services. You do not need to be a physical therapy patient to take any of the classes or participate in non-physical therapy services.

Physical Therapy

Our licensed therapists are skilled in orthopedic manual therapy and biomechanical analysis. Our practice is not strictly limited to professional dancers. The same skills and expertise used to return our professional dancers back to performance level are applied to all our patients to achieve the best-individualized results and to meet the patient’s particular goals.


Our Acupuncturists specialize in neck and shoulder pain and injury; back pain, trauma and degenerative joint problems; foot, ankle, hip and knee injuries (post joint replacement); postural rebalancing; acupuncture trigger point therapy; athletic, dance and sports injuries; rehab and injury prevention; myofascial release; pelvic pain; post surgical pain, stiffness and scar mobilization.


Pilates is a safe and efficient way of cross-training for anyone trying to come back from injury. The instructor works closely with the physical therapists at WSDPT in order to help clients achieve goals ranging from core stability to increasing flexibility. Each session is customized to a client’s individual needs.

Taught by Lauren Alzamora

Please contact Lauren to schedule for a private session: or (917)-842-0301

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a systemized method of body work intended to promote healing caused by injury or accumulated stress. Stroking and kneading muscles increases circulation in the body, relaxes tension in the muscles, and helps ease a busy mind Special techniques in her sessions to address athletic injuries include myofascial release, which is a lengthening of the connective tissues surrounding muscles, and deep tissue work which targets specific areas that are tight, overworked, or harbor painful trigger points. Massage sessions target the painful area, figure out what could be causing the pain, and provide the client with self-care techniques including awareness of posture and personalized stretches. Appointments for massage can be made for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Please call West Side Dance Physical Therapy for massage therapist contact information.

Group Classes

Osteoporosis Group Exercise Class

A series of 4 group classes taught by a physical therapist. Learn and practice safe and effective exercises to improve your bone health. The focus in this class is on the vulnerable areas of the spine, hip and wrist bones. Balance exercises are also included to prevent falls