Dynamic Stabilization of the Hip & Pelvis with Clinical Applications for Specific Pathology

DATES: Friday, December 15th – Saturday December 16th

PRICE: $650 – Space is limited to 15 Physical Therapists only and must be licensed. Please inquire about availability before registering.

LOCATION: Westside Dance Physical Therapy

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Alison Grimaldi – [LEARN MORE]


Movement patterning and musculature around the hip and pelvis are inherently complex. Assessment and retraining in this region requires a specific and targeted approach that should consider the multifaceted requirements for optimal function and the limitations of an individual’s musculoskeletal system. With respect to current practices around muscle testing and exercise prescription, often strength is the primary or only consideration. However, normal results on strength testing may be returned from a muscle synergy within which significant dysfunction exists. If weakness is not the primary deficit, generic strengthening may worsen rather than improve the situation by reinforcing poor recruitment strategies or muscle imbalances. Within the exercise literature, often maximal EMG is the sole indicator used for exercise selection. EMG levels are not reflective of force generation and high levels of EMG may simply reflect active insufficiency where the muscle is not at an optimal range to generate force efficiently. This premise also assumes that maximal recruitment is optimal for muscle retraining. While EMG levels above 40% of a maximal voluntary contraction are required for strength development, other factors should be considered. Choosing an exercise with highest %MVC in a disadvantageous length-tension relationship, while encouraging poor recruitment patterning and efficiency with high load imposed on underlying joints or soft tissues, may not be in the best interests of achieving optimal or painfree function.

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Online Learning Component: 4.5hrs

Dynamic Stabilisation of the Hip & Pelvis, to be completed prior to the workshop to ensure adequate background in functional anatomy of the region. In depth review of scientific literature around function and dysfunction of each muscle group around the hip, and discussion regarding clinical implications of the evidence base.

Practical workshop: Friday 15th December: 1 – 7pm

The Hip Flexors & Adductors

Practical workshop: Saturday 16th December: 8.30 am– 5.30pm

The Hip Extensors and Abductors 8.30 – 12.30pm

Exercise progressions for higher level function The Hip External Rotators 1.30 – 5.30pm

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