President’s Welcome

I am pleased to welcome you to Westside Dance Physical Therapy!

In 1980 I was invited by George Balanchine to provide physical therapy to the professional dancers of the New York City Ballet and since then I have been actively providing preventative and rehabilitative services to dancers of all ages. I established Westside Dance Physical Therapy in 1986 as the first facility in New York with the goal of improving the health care of dancers and promoting their career longevity. The physical therapists of WSDPT are well trained in the prevention and rehabilitation of the injuries that are common to dancers of all ages and have the evaluative and manual skills necessary to help dancers heal from injuries and return to their chosen endeavor, dancing and performing. Whether you are a dancer by profession or a dancer in spirit, we are the dedicated physical therapists who will help you to optimize your physical potential and assist you in your rehabilitation. Thank you for choosing us to be your partners in this effort.

—Marika Molnar, PT, LAc